Leg press machine to target different muscles.


Horizontal leg press is probably the simpler variation of the leg press machine because

  • Your head is not declined (position that could cause issues in some people)
  • The effort is lower than the 45 degree leg press



SECONDARY MUSCLES: Hamstrings, Glutes

EQUIPMENT: Seated Leg Press Machine

TYPE: Compound


The purpose of the horizontal leg press machine is to work all your quads muscles, plus glutes and hamstring as secondary muscles.

Horizontal Leg Press

INITIAL POSITION: Seated on the leg press machine, with your back flat on the back support, put your feet on the foot platform, shoulder width. Adjust the platform and seat position so that your quads almost touch your chest in the moment of max relax. In the start position your legs are extended.


K C Yee

MOVEMENT: Slowly bend your knees, apply resistance to the platform that is coming towards you, till the point where your quads almost touch your chest. Then push the platform to the initial position without locking your knees that should be slightly bent.


BREATHING: Inhale while you bend your kCnees and exhale while you push.

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