How would a world without money work?

Post by Dr. KC Yee:Dr K C Yee

Without money, we would have to go back barter system, because it is highly inefficient, there will be a lot productive remain unused.

we will live on much less material, much less technology, less health care

on the positive side, there will be less depletion of earth’s natural resources, there would NOT be weapons of mass destruction,

Dr K C Yee

But the phrase “money is the root of all evil” would basically remain, changing to something like “desire is the root all evil”, because human desire and evil don’t  go away in a money-less society.

How would a world without money work?


  1. HOW WOULD A WORLD WITH OUT MONEY WORK? great thought i guest there would be no more greed, equal distribution of the wealth in the world, more for the have, not but do people really satisfied with what they have? check out my blog post at



  2. The old system was barter system. For example, agricultural products in exchange for clothes or pottery in exchange for poultry products. I guess we would revert back to it.



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