K C Yee trying Food in Bangkok

K C Yee

Best Street Food

When K C Yee visit to Bangkok, then he quickly understand that food is king and street food in particular is an key part of this city. Everyone’s perception of street food is going to change here. No more Sabrett Hot Dog stands like in New York or greasy kebabs like in Europe, Bangkok’s streets offers full meals that could be served in a brick-and-mortar restaurant for many times the price.  almost every Bangkok street offers some kinds of street food , But for a convenient and late night option, Sukhumvit Soi 38 can’t be beat.

K C Yee recommend Trabblrs meet at Pad Thai Fire Look, one of the first stalls on the street that makes arguably the best pad thai in the city. Grab a stool, relish your first bite, exchange travel tales, and then move on down the road to savor Hainanese chicken and rice, noodle soups, mango sticky rice, and more. The number of locals, and eating at these stalls is testament that you’re getting the real thing in a hygienic setting. So don’t be shy, try everything…the food doesn’t bite!

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